How to unzip a zip file


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In the last How-To guide we described what a zip file is and why is good to zip (compress) the files for sending bigger files by e-mail. In a few words, zipping is the process which compresses an original file(s) into one smaller zip file. If you want to read more illustrative example, go to How to zip a file guide, please.

But what to do when someone sends a zip file to you? How to unzip this file easily? That's what today's How-To is about.

1Install 7-Zip

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Install 7-Zip application according to this How-To: How to install 7-Zip.

2Save a zip file

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As the next thing, you need to save a zip file received by email. In our How-To we will use the Destop folder, but you can save your zip file everywhere you want. Using of your Desktop folder is probably most often and obvious. Well, just save zipped attachment (ie. from your email to this folder. Usualy you have to click on attachment with the right button and select Save as. Then find target folder (Desktop) and confirm.

3Unzip the zip file

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Let's find that saved zip file with Windows Explorer. So run it (Start > Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer) and open the folder you selected for attachment saving (Desktop folder in our case). Right click on our zip file, in the context menu select 7-Zip > Extract to "Example/" folder (it's folder named by zip file). This is it. Zip file will be unzipped to the Desktop/Example folder, where you can browse all content which was compressed in the zip file.

It's done! Congratulations!