How to install a font

0Preparation and Introduction

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In the world of computers (and software specially) the look of every character on your monitor is given by a font file. In a font file there is designed look of all characters from the alphabet, the numbers and all next characters needed for typing. Microsoft Windows have basic set of the font files installed by default, but you can add more fonts to Windows yourself. There are fonts of a various styles. Funny, script, serif, sans serif and more and more others. You can find tons of the free (and commercial too) fonts on many internet sites.

For font installation you need to have administrator permissions. Next you need to have downloaded (and unzipped eventually) some new font file(s). Font files have usually TTF extension. It means "True Type Font".

1Open Fonts folder

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Let's start the installation of the new font! Click on Start > Control panel > Fonts

Note: In Windows 98/2000 click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts

2Choose Fonts to install

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In Fonts folder click on File > Install New Font and find the location where your new TTF font file is saved. Then select one (or more - with Ctrl/Shift key) font file. Check box Copy fonts to the Fonts folder, if you want to copy font file to the system font folder (Recommended).

3Install font

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Just click OK to install font. If you checked Copy fonts to the Fonts folder checkbox in the last step, you can delete font file from the original location. Now you can try the new font in some text editor. For example Word or WordPad.

It's done! Congratulations!