How to extract a rar file

0What is a rar file

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In the last How-To we described what a zip file is and why is good to zip (compress) the files for sending bigger files by e-mail. Sometimes you can receive RAR file, which is next format of compressed archive.

RAR is simply another format for compressing one or several files into one smaller archive file, so it can be easily used for sending bigger files by email, for example. It uses another algoritm for compressing, so sometimes RAR can have better results than ZIP. It means the result RAR file can be smaller than zip file, or it can compress your files faster.

1Install 7-Zip application

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For extracting original files from your RAR archive you need some application which knows how to extract RAR format. You have several options what application use. In previous tutorials we used 7-Zip program, which knows how to extract RAR files too, so we can use it in this case too. So go and install 7-Zip by this How-To: How to install 7-Zip to your computer.

2Save a RAR file

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Now you need to save a rar file from your email to your computer. You can save the rar file wherever you want to have extracted files in the final. Desktop or C:\ folder is the simplest solution. Well, just save the rar attachment (ie. photos.rar) from your email to this folder. Usualy you can do it by clicking on attachment in email with the right button and choose Save as. Then find a target folder (Desktop) and confirm saving.

3Unrar (extract) the rar file

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Now open that folder with saved rar file in Windows Explorer (Start > Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer). Right click on the rar file and in the context menu try to find 7-Zip > Extract to "Photos/" folder (or other folder named by the name of rar file). That's it. Rar file will be extracted and you can find there all the content which was compressed in the rar archive.

It's done! Congratulations!